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Extended version changelog:
Version 5.2 

  • New widget design
  • Added id tags to Badges Page to serve as link anchors.
    For example, if you click in a widget badge now, you get redirected and scrolled to that Badge's location in the Badges Page.
  • Some other Tweaks

I left the widget with no height by default, but you can set a height or max-height on your themes, so the widget is displayed in a more compacted manner with a scroll bar if you like.

Download - GitHub
Live demo - Q2A Badges Demo 
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Thank you !!
Hello. I am from the 21st century. Can you help me locate where I can find the translation of the insignia into my language. What folder?
Thanks for sharing.
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Hey @Monkey . It's at the end of the "qa-badge-lang-default.php" file.
Version 5.2.13 is out. This fixes a language file issue.


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