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I have a Q2A installation with WordPress integration.

When a User is goint to his Q2A profile page all the things on the left side are missing (Profile image... password change).

Is there any idea why?



Q2A version: 1.7x

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That is not a bug. A bug is unexpected but, in this case, Q2A explicitly checks if you are handling users on your own or not. If you handle them on your own, i.e. you are using external users, then Q2A does not know anything about them. That means it can not show any information about them. You can see right here how the core is checking for this flag to be OFF when displaying user information.

You'll have to choose between Q2A's integrated user management (including a complete user profile) or WordPress integration.

I think this can be shown some more love, this "issue/behaviour".
I am a big SSO fellow,  in fact I never use q2a user base but I'd like to use certain things like Wall and other native features.

I am working on something in this regard, will share later.

Q2A kinda does know "something" about each external user, and that something can be used to do some magic on that profile page.
I think most of the external users limitations could be worked around or considerably decreased. At first sight, it doesn't make much sense not to allow users to message each other. I think the reason why that happens is because that would require changing all user ID table fields to the type that the external system uses. That's something the core handles for some tables but not for all.

Of course, there still could be some limitations like being able to change the username or maybe change a password as that would make more sense to be done directly on the external system.

If you're working on something related to this you might find some ideas in this thread useful: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/issues/209
Hi donshakespeare, would be nice to see what you made/make!