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I want to know why people send there website via private message and do not comment in answer why?

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I don't know but it could be because they don't want to look like they're spamming.

Or often people don't think their specific URL is relevant to the question. A lot of people don't post enough information when asking questions, to be honest...
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This is a grey area topic. Like, what makes the URL matching with your topic?

If you asking a suggestion for selecting an app development company, what is the probability it does not belong to the person, who is answering the question???
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I agree with Scott. I also feel if someone post url then it is like promoting their site, looks spam. But if there is question which really requires debugging on site code then they should put url in question and can remove once thet get answer. Submitting site url helps to get answer faster. Most of the questions are generic so site url is not required.