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Currently "related questions" for any question are displayed at the bottom of that question. Can someone explain, step by step, how to display the related questions on the right hand side of the question ?

And please don't tell me to look into advance themes documentation. I am not a PHP guru, i just want the detailed instructions, and i think most new users would like it too

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Check my widget here.

can you explain how to use it? thanks
It's a plugin:

To install a plugin (requires Q2A 1.3 or later), place its directory in Q2A's qa-plugin directory, then open the Plugins section of the Admin panel and check it is listed. The plugin may also offer some options on this page.

After installing it, check the Admin->Layout page and you should see it listed with the other widgets.
thank you so much. :) but how to show only 8 related questions? right now its showing over 50 questions.
I updated files, so you can now specify how many related questions will be shown (it can be done in the admin panel; plugins submenu).