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I have maybe stupid question,but how to remove question? I can't see in admin panel questions or answers at all.

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  1. Login as a user with higher level than moderator
  2. Show target question
  3. Click "Hide question"
  4. Click "Delete question"
  • All articles must be hidden before deleting.
  • Hidden articles are displayed on the "Admin" > "hidden" tab in the admin panel.
  • If there are answers or comments in the question, you can not delete the question directly. In this case, at first, delete answers and comments in the same procedure.
And what if a question has 100 comments and lot of answers? You have to spent a whole day to delete just a question ?? :)
I think we have to find a way so admins can delete questions from the backend at once. Just a thought :)
You don't need to delete everything individually, you can just hide each answer/comment and then use the "Delete hidden posts" button in Admin > Stats.

I understand that's still a bit annoying. But is there a reason you need to delete it fully instead of just hiding it?
Or worst case scenario delete it via php myadmin mysql
Deleting from the database directly is possible, but you need to recount posts and reindex them if you do that. If you have a lot of posts, reindexing can take time.