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After making changes to the style sheet theme, I used to just upload the new style sheet and Google Chrome will pick up the changes.

MS Edge and IE are working OK, automatically updating to the latest version style sheet, but Chrome is not doing that.

How do I change the version number of the style sheet? Q&A is using the Q&A version number.

You can change q2a version no as per your requirement in below file
Line 24

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I wanted to automatically update the version, but one way around was to modified the qa-theme.php by adding a function to manually change the css version.
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As ProThoughts said, the version number is defined at the top of 'qa-include/qa-base.php'. We use semantic versioning, so for custom versioning you should add a dash then whatever you want.

For example if you're on 1.7.4, change the version to '1.7.4-v2' then increase to v3, v4 and so on.

Normally changing core code is not recommended, but in this case it's fine to lose your changes. A new version will change it again, e.g. to 1.7.5 or 1.8.0. Then if you change the CSS again later you can use '1.8.0-v2'.

The other option as you say in your answer is to override the appropriate function in the theme. This is probably better, especially if you have a build process that auto generates files.