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Hi, I have recently  installed  Q&A on my Wordpress site with the given instructions. Thanks NoahY.

I am using Q2Astack 1.5 theme from here .

Unfortunately, some Q2A css are being overrided by the wordpress theme's css.

How could I solve this problem? 

Site screenshot.


Q2A version: 1.5
Also, it would be a great help, if anyone could give a touch on this theme (q2a_Stack) to fix some indention problems on q2a 1.5v.  Thanks.

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You could append !important to your css rules;  there also must be some rule for which stylesheet takes precedence though I don't know it... probably the first one in the dom, so you can just put the Q2A stylesheet before the WP stylesheet in your html.
Thanks NoahY. I am gonna try your suggestions in a bit.
This works! Thanks.