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I need to put ads in the first answer or after it

Not After all answers I know there is a plugin doing that

And I need it just appears in the answered questions pages

Is there any assistance .
Q2A version: 1.7.4
I did try to add this "public function a_list_items($a_items)
    $this->output('PUT YOUR ADVERT HTML CODE');
But It appears in all pages even unanswered

2 Answers

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I do not find " Ad below First answer" in the plugin option , I installed V1.2
I just have ad bellow all questions So the ad appear even in unanswered question page
Can Any one show me where I find "add below first answer " option in the plugin ?
@teju2friends why you answered the question while you do not have suitable answer I wrote in the question "I know there is a plugin" but it does not that
an other developer will see the question answered they will not try to answer it
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I will add this feature in next release. meanwhile check widget anywhere plugin, you can use that also for ads

check http://question2answer.org