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How to prevent users from uploading more than 5 images per day?
Q2A version: 1.7.1
Right now the restrictions can only be set for an hour but, we seriously need restrictions on per day basis as well.
It is not clear to me what kind of abuse is happening here. What is the issue with a person uploading 5 images in 24 hours? I have done that myself and I wouldn't have liked Q2A to block me.
Some users upload alot of images without using them in their question or answer. I want to restrict these users from uploading more than x upload in a day.
5 is for example. I mean restrict users from uploading more than specific number of images a day. Could you help please?

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Have you tried tuning settings below (Is it useless) ?

  • "Admin" > "Spam" > "Rate limit for uploading files (per IP/hour)" (Default is 20)
  • "Admin" > "Spam" > "Rate limit for uploading files (per user/hour)" (Default is 10)

There is a problem that these settings restricts irrespective of the user level. I think this should be improved ...

@Thank you Sama55. I am aware of this setting. I need restriction per day. So you have any idea?