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This thing is in my mind for a long time but, I never said it that the main Q2A website looks ages old. It's a simple page with some text on it. Can that be redesigned completely to meet the current standards and that can directly result in better marketing of Q2A.

I have also been using OpenCart for a long time and sometime back they changed their design and now they are going even better. They haven't changed the team or working patter but, the UI played an important role for them. The same thing is done by CkEditor, they have also redesigned their website completely.

Shouldn't we use their example and rethink on strategy for Q2A?

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yes it is true
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Yes, that's certainly worth doing. I don't personally have the time as I want to get v1.8 out the door, but if we have other good designers here we can discuss redoing the main site (and docs site design).
I guess we'll have to wait for the designer then.
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May be I can do some work there... I will post proposed screenshots shortly.
Meanwhile, I need following information...

1. Single page site vs multi page
2. Bootstrap vs conventional
3. Icon source (Can I use free icons with attribution required?)
4.  Theme color & q2a logo
Hello @teju2friends, I can't tell you everything but here is what I think what fan be done.

1. I think it'll be multipage website. As not just the front page needs to be designed but the docs.question2answer.org also needs to be designed.
2. It can be your call, both are good.
3. Q2A also use free icons so there shouldn't be any issue with that.
4. Having a minimal design is best so white and blue color would be best choices. You can also add orange color since it is also there in Q2A logo.

Docs website is hosted on Github now, so you can see it here.

For the rest, only @Scott can tell.
I'd prefer "conventional" CSS over Bootstrap, as it should be a relatively simple site, so no need for most of what Bootstrap offers.

Gurjyot answered everything else as I would.
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I also feel we should redesign main site pages and come up with new theme for qa.
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I've started developing a new design for Q2A. Updates will be posted in this thread.