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This is my first plugin so I hope you like it :)



This is a plugin for Question2Answer which adds a widget, to add links of social accounts or pages of your website.


  • Currently supports the following social account links:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  • Language file is present so you can easily change the plugin to any language you want.
  • Each link can be enabled or disabled, so you decide which social websites to link
  • Widget only for 'below navigation and main content area' is present. Sidebar widget will not work properly.

Below Navigation

At Bottom

Admin Options


Theme: SnowFlat
Q2A Version: 1.7+ 


This is beta code. It is probably okay for production environments, but may not work exactly as expected. Refunds will not be given. If it breaks, you get to keep both parts.

I hope you would like the plugin and since this is my first plugin only so there might be many mistakes. Thus I would like if pro devs would point out the mistakes and let me know how I can improve. 


Gurjyot not sure if its a good idea. But you may take CSS from the admin panel- so any one can put the CSS they want there without having to modify any code. And you can give the default CSS as that for Snowflat.
@arjunsuresh, do you want the CSS to be edited in admin panel so that anyone can customise it as per their need?
If that's what you suggest then, I'll definitely try to do that.
Yes. That's the best way I found it doing as long as CSS is not big - usual for most plugins. Inlining small CSS is recommended by Google also.
Thanks for the tip @arjunsuresh, I'll try to do it as you suggested :)

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o this is great! i will be intalling
I am glad that you liked it :)
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It does not work with me
Can you explain what's the exact problem? What's the problem you are facing?
I installed the plugin , inserted the facebook page ID and enabled it for only facebook
But there is nothing appeared on the website .
Have you placed the widget at the place where you want social links??
No I did not
How I can do that ?
I did not find that option in the plugin
I did find it
It Resolved , thank you :)
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Thanks for the plugin :)
Is it possible to add this below question?
To be honest, I haven't test it there but I think that it should work anywhere in the main area. So you can give it a try. :)
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Nice post I glad to read this. Thanks for the post. Keep sharing.
I am glad that you liked it... :)