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i want take part of question in q2a and insert in another site. how can do this?
another site is Q2A?
no. it is a forums

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Ok, I think you would like to show questions from Q2A site into forum, right?

here is how you can do.....

You need to use feedburner.google.com , use rss to pull content from your Q2A site.....You will find code in feedburner account to display questions on any site....so add that code to your forum. It will start showing questions on forum. also it will automatically update new questions.
I dont want show all questions.  I want embed question part of page in my forum. Likely embedeing of YouTube linke in other site.
so do you want q2a integrate with your site ?
No. Just embeding question part of page. I stdy some thing about  jquery for embeding part of page in another page. But i dont know jquery program.

In the past I created an external page embedding program with iframe. However, it has many problems (link issue, design issue, performance issue, etc). So I will not recommend it. If you have PHP skills, the method of directly referring to the Q2A database and directly extracting Q2A data  from external system is the most flexible and high speed.
i want emmbed class=qa-part-q-view in other site.