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Since notifications are coming in Q2A 1.8, can we expect an option for users to Turn off emails as given by FB so that unless he logs on to site, he won't get any emails for Q/A/C? Same question is asked below.

Q2A version: 1.8

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As I just answered in that question, emails for Q/A/C responses are decided by the user (the "Email me if..." checkbox).

With notifications it probably does make sense to untick that by default as they'll see notices on the site.

Perhaps it may also make sense to have a page listing a user's email notifications so they can mass unsubscribe to them. (Currently the only way is editing every post, unticking the box, then saving.)

What do you think?
But there can be 1000s of such posts where a user might be subscribed. So, I guess it would be better to have a "Subscriptions" option where a user can choose email only/notifications only or both.

For already subscribed ones, an "Unsubscribe this thread" link can be sent as part of the email or we can add a "Mute this question" option on the question page.
May be a "Subscription" tab on User Page with following options

1. Answers on My Questions - Notification/Email/Both
2. Comments on My Questions/Answers  -  Notification/Email/Both
3. Private Messages - Notification/Email/Both
4. Wall Posts - Notification/Email/Both

I think that the best alternative would be to add to the profile of the user an option if you prefer automatically receive e-mails (the option automatically selected) or not receive default for e-mails (the deselected automatically).
That would be very interesting for novice users or just use the site.
The most frequent users follow internal notifications and do not need e-mails (e-mails are to inconvenience). They can change this profile (if you add the option).
Users who just ask a question and do not enter more need of notifications by email.
I don't think it makes much sense for each user to choose whether a checkbox is ticked by default or not. arjunsuresh's "email subscription preferences" suggestion seems like the best way to me.