Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Greetings To All Q2A Lovers,


Finally, The New Question2Answer Community Is Launched

Question2Answer Club is a Question2Answer lover community. It allows to learn, share ideas, themes, plugins for Q2A script. Get involve with a great community and start learning and sharing new things. If you are a developer, don't miss a chance to promote and highlight your Q2A skill to the community.

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Let’s get clear about the fact that this club is not any fork version of Question2Answer but it is a platform for the q2a community. To provide help and support with managed content and interface so every member can enjoy learning and share efficiently to grow the q2a community.

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I liked the concept of this. What happened to the site?
You can see that right?
Just a story of us when we started using Q2A. We got a proposal from a service company offering a question answer site for a fee. Since we didn't have budget we ignored it and came to Q2A. Later we realised that the paid site was nothing but Q2A with a custom theme (which itself was dead). So we were asked to pay for a service which did look good in beginning but is far worse than the free Q2A site.