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Hi ,
When will the new version be released?
I have suggested changes to the site that need to be done.
1) When a user sends a post, he waits for the administrator's approval and the administrator must approve his post.
Here, facilities should be created so that if the post needs to be edited, a command will be sent under the post to the user who can edit his own post and if it is finalized, the administrator will publish it.
And the user can see his published and unpublished posts on a page, and also see the reason why his posts are not published, so that he can correct them for the administrator to publish.

2) Login and registration be on the same page :

It is better both in same page.

for example :

if you have an account please log in :



if you dont have an account , please sign up :

username :

email :


3) it is possible to log in through a mobile phone so that the user can enter the site without entering a password and using a mobile phone and a OTP code. that enable or disable from admin panel.

4)Any user If does not upload an image for their avatar, an image with the first letter of the name or username as the default avatar. default avatar with a letter and random color in background:
Q2A version: 1.8.7

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