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That is, other people that are not the person who asked the question.

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As for this version of Q&A I haven't noticed such a function. But u can use the RSS technology. Create a category for questions and let the people subscribe. Or... look at this tool... http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/rmail/

- Kamil
and this one looks even better...

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Old question, but perhaps someone will find use in this answer:

You can try the free Publish to Email plugin.  It lets you specify one or more email addresses to which to send new posts (plaintext & HTML supported).  In your case, if you just want answers, you can configure that on the Admin form for the plugin, but new questions and comments can have notification emails sent as well.

See this post describing the plugin in more detail, or go straight to the GitHub page at http://github.com/atavakoli/qa-publish-to-email.