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I personally would like to allow users to choose his editor. Unfortunately this cannot be done now as Q2A core assumes one fixed editor per content type. Anyone else supporting this feature?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
Choose editor, as in CKEditor, TinyMCE, SCEditor etc etc?
Editor type would have to be locked into user settings or at least user session.
yes, But as of now this is not possible in Q2A. Because viewer_text function is taking only - Q,A,C as options. It should be modified to take or consider user as well or there should be a way to override this function. Not sure if there is any other function which needs modification. I would love to have this for the below reason:
1. Some people uses MAthJax a lot and requires live rendering which is not possible with ckeditor.
2. Replacing ckeditor with markdown would mean other users might not like it.

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What do you mean it is not possible [with CKEditor] (or that no one has shared their solution yet)?

I accomplished this request with TinymceWrapper, thus making the TinyMCE editor support both Rich Text and Markdown (use url parameter to switch)

Any user can switch the mode at will (this switching is not tied to user session - yet).

  1. You can make TinyMCE look and function as CKEditor (if that's an issue at all)
  2. MathJax works in either Rich Text or Markdown mode of TinymceWrapper (no need to even switch) - although this kind of Math/Chemistry stuff is better in pure text (Markdown)
  3. By live rendering, you mean live preview? I wrote a solution for that and preloaded it in TinymceWrapper - which at the time of testing was a bit flawless.

I would do a solution for CKEditor, but I ditched it a long time ago because of its blatant inferiority.

Oh, by the way, I think it is very possible to implement switching of editors per user session - I have not fleshed out my idea yet.

I hope this leads somewhere.

yes, doing in editor is one way :)
I'm not a fan of ckeditor but me and users of my forum uses some plugins of ckeditor. So, not easy to move away.
Okay let me throw you some sigma 6 change management mojo lingo.

Which CKEDitor plugins are you attached to?
Not much. They are
1. Image upload 2 - nothing crazy- it just allows an image to be uploaded in 2 buttons though ideally this can be one.
2. Code input - allows C, Java codes to be added in code editor which can then be prettified using google prettify
3. Math entering via codecogs and latex rendering via MathJax
4. List styling - so some lists shows A,B,C,D and some I, II, III,IV as required.
Although I hate "one click" and prefer the safer File Manager system - so as not to overload my Server... TinyMCE has One Click solution, No Click solution etc, you name it!
I did not add this upload plugin to TinymceWrapper so as not to clutter things.

For a start:
1. IMAGE UPLOAD http://justboil.me/  [plug and play!] one click solution
 1a - no click https://www.tinymce.com/docs/advanced/handle-async-image-uploads/
2.  CODE INPUT (included in TinymceWrapper) superb handcrafted solution
3. Native MathJax support with live preview - can be extended to mimic Wiris Math Editor if you are up to it.
4. LIST STYLING - native to TinyMCE
Thanks. For my site, I trust the users :) Image upload was my major issue for a different plugin. Now, I'll try this. Though I have played around a bit on ckeditor I wasn't sure about other editors around.