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Hi everyone, I have a special case where only one specific user should (next to the admin) get the right to edit all answers and posts. But he should not get admin rights.

I have already used all available rangs from Editor, Moderator, etc. He should stay moderator together with some other users.

The way I have to go now is to change the core to permit his userid to edit A and C.

How I am doing it:


After line:

$error=qa_permit_error($permitoption, $userid, qa_get_logged_in_level(), $flags);

I added:

        if($userid==123 && $error == 'level') {
            return false;

because a level error would be thrown otherwise.

Any other idea how to solve this?


Q2A version: 1.6.3
Why the downvote? I hoped to get a better solution than hacking the core. That's why I asked.

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