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Got the following error coming on server error report.

 PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1411: Incorrect string value: ''2405:0204:c000:8377:e028:9484:3cba:c923'' for function inet_aton - Query: UPDATE qa_users SET loggedin=NOW(), loginip=COALESCE(INET_ATON('2405:0204:c000:8377:e028:9484:3cba:c923'), 0) WHERE userid='17615', referer: https://www.facebook.com/
Q2A version: 1.8

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Thank you pupi. So nice to see a reply from you :)
So, I suppose this is already fixed in Q2A1.8. I can wait for it. Actually I had disabled ipv6 on my server but when the login is via social-login, they are using ipv6 and hence the issue- is this correct?
Right. I forgot to mention in the answer that I'm linking to the latest commit in 1.7.4. That means you're not actually using 1.8 (as you mentioned in your answer).  The latest commit in 1.8 shows this:


So it should be fixed in 1.8, as you mention, because the inet_pton function handles both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. But I haven't actually tested, I just browsed GitHub.
Thank you :) I'll test it..