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I have set up the open login plugin. Plugin is installed and database is created. Now whenever someone try to login via google or yahoo he is getting an error message : 'You cannot access this page directly.'

Please help me...
Q2A version: 1.7.2
Where exactly do you get that error message (the URL)? Is it a Q2A page or Google/Yahoo page?
Oh! I am sorry Scott I don't know how I missed that you have commented on the question. Please help me. I re-uploaded the plugin again and now the yahoo login is working, however, google is showing

 "400. That’s an error.
Error: redirect_uri_mismatch"

I did everything I could without any success :-(

Things I have check:

my site is uses www type address and I have also entered the www version on my google developer Authorized redirect URIs.

Also when returning from facebook authentication a message is shown to the user that "an email has been send to you click the link to verify" instead of logging user in???!!!

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I uploaded the recent version again on my server and its working fine now.

Closing this question for now.

Thanks @Scott for your comment(time).