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What do you mean?
2 minutes before each hour, my site is unavailable. This happens hourly.
I think it may be a function that sends thousands of unnecessary queries to the database and overloads the server.

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There is nothing in Q2A that does what you describe.

It could be the result of a plugin. I believe there was a cronjob plugin for Q2A, are you using that?

Do you have any real cronjob a set up on your server?

What about access logs? If you look through them for the times you have problems, maybe you can see a problem. Could be a spambot or something else misconfigured.
Thanks, Scott.

I thought to update the limits to avoid spam.

On my site, it is very often the users reach the limit of posts or votes per hour.

How do I know if a plugin has used cronjob?
I installed plugin Best user per month in one day, but already uninstalled.

Plugins of my site:
Basic AdSense
Q2A embed
Event Logger
Example page
Facebook Like Box
Faq page
Featured Questions
Mouseover Layer
My followers page
On site notifications
OpenSearch Support
Q2AM Next Previous Question
Widget Anywhere

I did not programmed any cronjob.
But I've had other plugins.