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I am having a issue, that I really need some help with, A while back my site started to getting suspended for sending out spam, it happen several times, so I went with that maigun service,I had to go with the subdomain option, Both my webhost and mailgun confirm everything is set up at is should be, How ever I am having the following issues...

1 When I attempt to reset the admin pass word using the mailgun server I  get no reset emails if  I set  it for the regular web host server I have no problems.

2 As the admin I can send a private message using the script to a regular user with no problems, and they will get a notification email,  How ever if a regular user attempts to send me the admin a private message I do not get nothing, Switched to regular host server and had no problems

3 Used scripts test mail feature to send myself a email with mailgun could not get anything, switched to web host server and it worked ok, was able to send mail to regular user using mailgun server no problem

I also found out that I was blacklisted on a site called sorbs.net I am working on getting removed, I told my web host about it and they said that should not cause any issues, I have checked and made certain that the emails are correct and all other sittings, Does anyone have any ideals of what may be going on ?
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