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We're currently testing the app, and well... its awesome. Some features we want (and i was asking the dev about ) are in beta 2...  any ETA?

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End of February or start of March. FYI, here are my unedited notes on beta 2's development. Checked items are done, starred are not yet:

[Bug fixes]
√ The tag q&a link doesn't work (this was an Apache rewriting issue)
√ When people click tag 'q&a', it goes in HTML escaped from JS
√ When people type a tag containing ampersand, it breaks on part match
√ When a question is edited, the tag count (and possibly other counts) of its content aren't set to zero if they should be
√ Tabs and leading spaces in output post content should show up as something
* Do something about lengthy unindexing/reindexing of multiple posts when a question is hidden or reshown
* Check all database upgrade paths will fail if second request comes while first is processing
* Make logged in sessions work much longer, or have a 'remember me' checkbox

√ Separate options for whether to allow voting on questions and answers
√ Database stores number of up/down votes separately for each posts (do recalc also, etc...)
√ Expose number of up/down votes to theme layer if it wants it
√ Admin option to show separate like/dislike rather than net vote count
√ Redo ajax voting so it re-requests the innerHTML for the voting class, instead of hiding/showing stuff
√ Redo display and classes for separated vote counts - if selected, one arrow yellow, the other disabled
√ Make faded arrows with a pop-up telling people they can't vote on their own question
√ Redo answer selection stuff so that it no longer messes about with display:none
√ Work out a better way to show number of votes received/given on user page

[User tracking]
√ Store user who last modified posts
√ Use stored user who modified to determine whether unhiding is allowed (if editor hid it then no)
√ If you log in after posting, make it possible to claim a Q/A/C with a button (by checking if cookie matches)

* Add comments and follow-on questions, include them in appropriate notifications
    - in progress

* Move all email sending functions to a separate file
* Notification when my answer is selected, when stuff is commented on, etc...
* Add panel to admin which shows hidden questions and answers

[Small UI tweaks]
√ Add abstract methods to theme at start and end of <body> for tracking
√ Words under star to say 'Best answer' when selected
    * need to check this in all browsers
√ By default, tags and users pages are only 10 rows high
√ Show 'by Guest/anonymous' if it's not by anyone identifiable
√ Don't allow editing of your own profile on your user page
√ Add website to user profile, link it with nofollow
√ Separate head_custom from head_css in theme class
√ Allow an option to insert custom stuff (e.g. META tags) into the <HEAD> section
√ On user page, recently answered questions should show voting
√ htaccess iframe wraps around
√ Notification about answers should invite people to select the best answer
* Indentation at top of files which include some include after the license
* Search box wraps around if title at top is too long
* In external integration, we get 'user not found' just because they have no activity - not good.
* Feedback option in admin is a checkbox with separate field for email address
* Headings explaining columns on users and tags tables
* Make answers on question page more clearly separate from questions (e.g. indent to right)
* In statistics, "Users who voted" seems wrong
* Better job of showing separate up/down vote counts - also consider when arrows not shown
Is it ready yet? Can't wait to try the new version? Will it be easy to upgrade?
A few more days! Upgrade will be seamless - simply install in place of the previous version. It will also automatically make all the necessary database modifications for you when you first use it.