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I just upgraded to V1.4 Beta 2.  

I need help:

1) Installing multiple Q2A sites, each in a subfolder and have urls for each Q2A site


localhost:8888/first, localhost:8888/second

2) Use the same user database between Q2A sites

I do not know get the 'optional constant definitions' in the config.php file.  I know little coding so detailed help is appreciated.
any guidance on this?

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Create the subfolders on your server, and install a copy of Q2A in each one. (You could start messing about with symbolic links to have only one set of files but that's probably more complicated than necessary.)

Set up the qa-config.php file for each installation to be identical, except give each one a different value for QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX. Also move the following line in each qa-config.php outside of the comment:

define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_users_');

This means the Q2A sites will share user tables, but otherwise keep their data separate.