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How To Remove +sign In Tag URL's And Replace With Hyphen - (ex : example.com/tags/user+profile to example.com/tags/user-profile)

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This cannot really be done, because the plus sign represents a space in a URL, and that is different from a hyphen. In other words, the tags "user profile" and "user-profile" are technically different. Same thing with usernames.

You could switch back to using space-separated tags, so that tags use hyphens and not spaces. But based on your other question I think you probably don't want that.

But I don't think there is any problem, there is nothing wrong with using the +
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If you dear it due to seo-friendly URLs, then you can replace '+' with '20%'. To do that find 'urlencode' in qa-base.php and replace all of them with 'rawurlencode'.

This is better in terms of SEO-Friendly URLs.