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Finally managed to get some clue here. I had performance issues occasionally where the site doesnt respond for long periods. Tried setting execution timeout in php to 1 second.

This helped me to break the code execution and display me the part of the code that takes long time.

Looks like its the session_start() function call thats taking long time to execute (happens rarely)  on qa-include\app\users.php. line 146.

I managed to create a seperate session path for files to store. This has helped me improve some performance but still the issue exists.

I can see a few solutions like

1>closing write access into the session. This will prevent the issue from occuring further.

2>using database or memcached session handler instead of files.

and etcc...

Anything we can do to solve this issue ?
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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