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It Showing You need 100 points to create new tags While Users Creating New Posts .How To Disable It 

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You must be using Q2A Tagging Tools plugin. There is an option in that plugin which if enabled, then only users with above a certain limit can make new tags and none others.

Visit plugins page of your website and see for the same plugin and then disable this features.

Sorry for bringing up 1 year old thread.

I'm using 1.8 and it seems doesn't work as expected. I leave "Prevent new users from creating new tags" unchecked and tried to create a guest post and it gives that message. Am I missing something?
Q2A 1.8 is not officially released yet so it's not advised to use that right now. Plugins and themes have to be updated for that version.
Moreover the plugin you are talking about is by @Scott only so, after he release Q2A 1.8 , he'll definitely update all his plugins to support that release.
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This should be set in Q2A Tagging Tools plugin options by unchecking Prevent new users from creating new tags.

However, plugin has a bug.

When you uncheck Prevent new users from creating new tags it just turns off JavaScript check but server side check still runs, and you get the notice.

You have to check option Prevent new users from creating new tags to reveal field to set limit criteria, then change criteria to zero (0) and save it. That will turn off server site check too.