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Why is it impossible to have pagination in recent questions and answers in category page ? Exemple : http://www.question2answer.org/qa/core

How to do this ?

Thanks !

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It's not impossible, though I think it would not be very efficient as we cannot simply sort by a "lastanswer" time, we have to do some complex joins.

But mainly it was a UI decision by Gideon, which I agree with. "Recent questions and answers" is only supposed to be, well, recent stuff. It doesn't make much sense to add more pages as they wouldn't be recent.
Ok thanks !

I think I will develop a plugin to add last answer time to qa posts table and try to sort categories by last answer

Because, I think it will be interessant to have categories to be sort by views/votes/last time...
I agree with You and Gideon on the point that Recent questions wouldn't be helpful in the category page, as questions are sorted by time! however, most views would be helpful to have.

As a user, If I go to a category page and be able to sort questions by most viewed, that would be helpful.