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While opening an page in IE6.0 for editing, no Ckeditor show up but only a simple text input area.
It Wokrs fine on chrome and IE 8.0.
Any one have the same problem? Any idea to fix this?
Q2A version: 1.7.3
I don't think IE 6 is now supported. Maybe Q2A dropped support for IE 6 after Q2A 1.7 version.
CKEditor only supports IE8 and up. See http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/guide/dev_browsers
(and note that even IE8 and IE9 are listed as only having partial support; you need IE10 to get full functionality)
Q2A doesn't seem to specify a minimum browser (not that I can see, anyway), but if it does work in IE6, it will clearly only do so if the CKEditor component is switched off.
Thanks for your information.

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Sorry, we're not supporting IE 6 or 7 any more. They are ancient browsers, hardly used, and anyone on an old computer has better options they can use (IE8, Chrome, Firefox).

However, if you have a real need to support those browsers you could try an older version of the CKeditor plugin. You'll have you download an older Q2A version from here such as 1.6.3, unzip it then copy the "wysiwyg-editor" folder across to your Q2A site. The plugin should still work with Q2A 1.7.

As special reason our company need to use IE6.0 mostly.I will use the older Q2A editor as you mentioned.
Thanks for your kind help.