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You might have noticed that CKEditor needs a lot of loading time sometimes.

This is due (as I have seen now) to media data / javascript that is loaded with the site.

E.g. in my post here there is an answer with an external image. As the server, that is providing the image, is very slow (at the moment), the entire CKEditor takes ~ 20 - 30 seconds to load...

Anyone found a solution for that? Asynchronous loading? (Is it maybe jquery that waits for document.ready?)

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Thank you for pointing out this option of preloading!
My ckeditor loading got faster after I removed a lot of unnecessary stuff. See also http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13255/simple-ckeditor-how-to-modify-it-to-be-simple-solution?show=13475#c13475
I actually read your solution on that thread and it was helpful indeed. However, if I am not wrong, unless we remove some unnecessary stuff from cheditor.js, loading will remain slow. That's because regardless of the number of buttons, entire ckeditor.js has to be loaded.