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Thank you Noah for creating an android app for q2a. I know your passion is coding. I have been using all the plugins you created. All are working very well. Thank you. Today i used the android app for q2a. But i got the following error                                    org.xmlrpc.android.XMLRPCException:Org.xmlpull.v1. XmlPullParseException: expected: '>' actual: ''(position:END_TAG@43668: 70 in java.io.InputStreamReader@41d07298). I dont know whats is the problem. But i surely know, that u ll help me to solve this issue. Thank you Noah. Other users , if you have get rid of this prblm, pls share the solution. Thank you
Hey, a small request, can you please share a version of your app, once its available.

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I am also trying to use android app for this site and got a similar problem.
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I was having the same issue, what solved for me was using the plugin and the android project from arjunsuresh, he corrected some issues with NoahY's version, I am still working on improving the app to integrate with other app I already have, but I tested it with the simple version and it works (remember that the original version you can only login with an administrator account from your Q2A website)



Android Project:

Thanks hbschiller. The app is good but has plenty of fixes required. I'm not a good Android developer so could not work on more. If you are making some changes please give some pull request to the repo and I can accept it.
Thats great news! Could you please share your modified app? or share changes required to make app work for all users?