Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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I have updated the Android App originally made by NoahY. Here, is the github repo for the Android Studio project.


I had added MathJax support for the questions. 

This is the app available in playstore


It is also possible to make the app custom for your Q2A website. That gives the ability to login via email also (the current one allows only username login). 

Q2A version: 1.7
Any improved version of it yet?

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I've installed your application to my device and installed the XML-RPC server. However, I'm getting an 404 error from the application. I've enabled the server but nothing changed. Can you help me? My website is: metudex.com

Thank you very much :)
Is this thing working finally?
What is "your site" here?
It should work for Q2A 1.7.4 but probably not for 1.8. I'm going to remove the app from play store when 1.8 is released and probably replace it with a webapp which will be very easy to maintain.
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I could not get it to work even for 1.7,  Upon run it asks me 3 questions,
 "your site"
" User"
1- what does  "your site" mean here? we have to put qaoverflow.in (if we are using our credential that we have created on qaoverflow.in?
2- my id is sth @  gmail, but when i enter it, the app adds another @ at the end of it. What is going on?

I have to create a native app for my site that's why webview won't work for me
Your site is your QA site with or without http.
User name and password - as on your site.

I'm not sure you can use email login- i.e., usernames with @ may not work.
Also it won't take Google/FB logins.

This is a very old code by Noah and I just used it for sometime. If you want you can modify and use.