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When asking a question I need the email address of the user auto inserted into the notify by email option. Is this possible?


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I'm not sure if I get your question right...

as long as the questioning user is logged in the email address is already inserted into the "notify by email option"...

is this what you're asking for?

Thanks snoopy0815...

actually when I first post a question (and even now when adding a comment) I have to manually enter my email address if I want to be notified of a response.

Anyway to change this to look like your image you sent over?

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hmmm...  I can only guess...  normally q2a adds the email by itself - without any modifications...  but if you have the same effect even in this forum - strange...

could you please test again in the demo-sandbox - and maybe provide also a screenshot? http://demo.question2answer.org/
...don't use the test-admin - please try it with a test-user...