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Got a user request if this would be possible.

E.g. email subject → question title, email body → question body.

Any chance to implement this? I saw that blogger.com is offering such a feature, btw.

// this is not an important feature, but wanted to note it down :)


Only problem I see is setting the tags by email, which are mandatory in my system.

I am in this list. Please let me know if you can find some solution. In fact I am looking for all Question, answer and comment.
Accidentally I saw that http://guteantwort.com/5507/ seems to take twitter posts (questions and answers!) and posts them into the q2a system. I guess it's automatic, as the user is called "Twitter" and transfers answers and questions into guteantwort.com - this account alone has 12.990 questions asked!
I'm currently evaluating question2answer for a large team knowledge management project, and his feature would be critical in transitioning an existing user-base, who is already doing Q&A over email, to take the first steps toward doing Q&A on the website.

It is near impossible to have people who are already comfortable with mailing lists switch to a website cold turkey; having this intermediate step is a big checkmark in the "pros" column for cases like this.

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I think this is not a difficult work. I'll try for my q2a. Thanks for the idea. I'll share if successful :)