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After great success of my Donut theme , I am planning to create another beautiful premium theme with much nice look and feel . 

If you would buy a new theme what features you need the most - 

Definitely it will have the below features - 

1. Better look and feel , more redability , toouch friendly 

2. Better profile page 

3. Advanced notification system 

And what else ? 

PS - By this thread I also want to figure out how many users out there who is searching for buying a brand new theme , I will plan accordingly . Please cast your vote / answers / comments . 

Thanks in advance .


Q2A version: 1.7

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Thanks for your suggestions , I will take a look and check what other users say on this
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A theme with material design

maybe this will help you
Nice Valery!!!!
Yes I already know about the available libraries , but IMO they are bit heavier . But making a material design UI for q2a will be heavier . Let me check other available options .
I just developed one :) - http://question2answer.org/qa/59555
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Would be good to get a lightning fast theme even if it is not overly featured. Currently I have these warnings in google test. Also, ability to modify navbar, numbering questions in question list, option to turn off search- when using google custom search etc. would be nice additions. 

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Thanks for your suggestions .