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I want to know how long did each user spend on the system

Is it possible?
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Try Google Analytics.
I am sure he means how to use q2a to get those values per user :)
@ q2apro By using Google Analytics you can get many related information regarding the question. But you are correct because you can not get the information of registered users. It shows information of all visitors.

I converted my answer into comment.
Well its a nice idea. As if there could be a plugin for this then a "time devoted" field can be added on all registered user's profiles. There we can easily see that how much time has everyone spent on website.

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You would need a plugin for this purpose that saves the online time in a separate database table.

Problem is, however, how you track the "end time" of the visit. You could do Ajax calls every x seconds, or you save the time on each server request (sounds like a bad idea to me). And: The browser can be left open for hours, so the real online time saved could be wrong.

we can send time of onunload event too