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i need to change  max 8000 length in the  questions its important for me


when i need to edit qa-db-maxima.php i see

This file is deprecated from Q2A 1.7; use the below file instead.

i need new way

Q2A version: 1.7.1

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As it says, go to the file that is shown below, which is qa-include/db/maxima.php. You should do that before setting up Q2A. If you already set it up you'll have to update the database manually.

By the way, the limit will be increased in Q2A 1.8 to 12000. It can be increased some way beyond that, but not too much or you'll hit the MySQL maximum row limit. Probably around 18000 is the absolute maximum, but Q2A does not use that in case we want to add more fields in the future.
any date for the release of 1.8 ??
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For me, the answer was two-fold:

  1. Change the length of the field in the DB (qa_content -> content) to varchar(12000)
  2. Added this line to my qa-config.php

    define('QA_DB_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH', 12000);
Not sure if the first change was necessary, since the second change worked.
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First, access your site's MySQL database

Go to the qa_post table in the database

Click on the structure tab

Click on the content tab in the drop down tab

Enter 8000 1 80000 or whichever value you want

They are all so successful.
You can't set 80000 to a VARCHAR field in MySQL. Additionally, you couldn't even set the maximum VARCHAR size because of the shared row size limit