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Stats page is used to be the most important page of any website. Usually it is being checked regularly to have a better idea about the current scenario of the website. 

But in Q2A is the most basic page. So I request to improve it severely. Here are some improvement suggestions which are must to be on a stats page.

  1. Total Unanswered Questions
  2. Total Unanswered Questions in a particular category
  3. Total number of tags (so that we can use some plugins to control extra tags)
  4. Total number of users with email unconfirmed
  5. A link to the page where all users in "point 4" are listed
  6. A Graph to show number of questions per day, week, month, year
  7. A Graph to show number of answers per day, week, month, year
  8. A Graph to show number of user registrations per day, week, month, year
  9. Total number of users who showed activity current day
  10. A Graph for user in "point 9" per day, week, month, year

These things are very essential to run a good community. We should be able to tally our growth with the graphs so that we can focus on the exact spot which needs most concentration.

These are the things which I think should be in stats page. What do you think about these or are there some other things which you want to be in stats page??

Q2A version: 1.7.1
Thats a good idea to analyse the website . But it need many changes in core .
Yes the features which I asked for are too many. But if some developers get few hours in a complete month then it can really make the difference. And in this way those core changes can be done in much faster way.
It is not just about the statistics page, but a more important thing is to be able to list unanswered questions for a speciafic tag or category, or to be able to list the most answered (or voted etc.) questions for a chosen tag or category. This is a substantial feature which is currently missing.

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