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It's no so difficult to update QA and its modules with ftp from a module. But some services don't allow the ftp functions.

Or to do a windows software ... but mac and linux will need one each ... and to maintain 3 complex versions


Netcat is a keyboard emulator working fine with ftp. It's easy to use, to test and to embed in an OS shell script ( dot bat, dot sh or what you want ). The dialect will have a few verbs like download new version , upload , move , rename , delete , chmod and that's all.

The project module outputs a script that can be used remotely by an admin on its PC. It can also use a netcat script made by an author module for its own update through ftp functions ( after some filtering ). The netcat script is the copy of the keystrokes sequences, something very easy to produce.

Do you know this tool ? I used it during years for remote operations and it works fine.
Is this idea of netcat as an alternate solution to paranoia hosting sounds well ?

Another option is that netcat calls the module with the appropriate password, gets the script and executes it. There is a good level of security because the scripts come from the module and thus don't write outside their domains. Is it credible to tell to users to use an updater working like that ?

This will give a lot of visibility to third part plugins ( premium ones ). I hope that merchants will produce more too.

Another question : does versions numbers need a convention saying if an update is mandatory or optionnal ? a flag ?

thank you for your attention

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