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is it possible to publish Q2A to some project management website like github or googlecode?

It is really hard to do development against a closed community. Personally I wrote a theme and a plugin that can be found on my github:

And I would love contributing, but it kinda pisses me off that I can't see the current development progress :/

I would be interested in contributions to features like point based permissions.

Please vot this up, the project will only win from such a move!!! And don't tell me that the project isn't ready yet for becoming a full open source project (sounds like bullshit if you check most of the poor repos on github/googlecode).

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Hi there. I definitely understand where you're coming from. From my perspective it's simply a matter of  time constraints and priorities. At the moment, with Q2A so young, and with so much to do, I think my time is better spent working on the code base myself, rather than managing a repository and ensuring that other people's contributions to the source code fit in with what I'm working on. I realize this can be frustrating but I think it makes sense from the product's perspective.

Still, you're certainly welcome to have your add-ons listed here.

Sorry to hear that :|
I strongly disagree. I'm a developer myself, and I know that managing contributions can be a burden. But in 99% of all cases it isn't. You're still the main developer and can always reject other people's submissions.

However, it may actually save you time! There are features that others are willing to work on themselves, or fix bugs themselves. All of this benefits you (and by extension every user of Q2A) because now you don't have to do that work yourself.

Also those people that actually start digging into the source code and try to make something work in their own time are usually the most passionate users of a product. Leveraging their energy is very, very valuable.