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I’d like to change the text from “The question in one sentence” and “More information for the question” to prompts that are more specific to the topic of my site.
Q2A version: 1.7

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I just learned from @jatin.soni’s excellent comment that you can change any default text by copying the appropriate language file from qa-include > lang directory to the qa-lang > custom directory and editing that new copy. This allows you to customize text without editing the core.

Thank you! Are there any drawbacks to simply copying all the language files to the custom directory and editing them there? The official method seems much more complex.
What do you mean by "official method"? If you want a translation to another language then use/create a translation. If you want to customize just some strings of text then use the "custom" directory. The idea of that directory is just to override some strings. If you override them all then you'll lose track of what you're actually overriding and what not. Not to mention if you'are overriding everything it is highly likely that you're actually translating, right?
I guess I am modifying more strings than most users do. I find it easier to edit files containing all the strings than copy and paste each one I want to modify. Anyway, glad to hear there are no technical issues with copying the language files entirely. Thank you!
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