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You mean when the user enters text in the CKEditor. What "options" do you like to show, please be more specific.
yes, when user try to enter more informatn about question title through text....in ask form
I want to show (Read more...) link option ,when question text words limit exceeds >80.
But when he enters text, why should he "read more"? And what should he read more? (what is behind the link).
I mean, when some one enters question title,below it he enters More inrormatn about this question in text form.....some users are giving a vast explanation about questions in text.....for this ....if there could a funtion to (show more..) link when the text informatn about questn exceeds 80...

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Okay so here we go. I have done this and you can find it on Q2A Market - Gist

Code on Gist

I have modified the answer on Gist. Due to character limit, I am unable to post it here. Better take from Gist.

where to put this file?
How would you get this to work where you have multiple questions and answers on a page all requiring "more..."? The id route is fine if there's only one but doesn't work for many.
Do you mean on the question list? or On the question page but for all answers?
I meant on the question list - I've kind of got this to work but it's a little ugly:

                function toggleMore(elm) {
                    var linkContainer = elm.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[0];
                    var contentContainer = elm.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1];
                    linkContainer.style.display =  'none' ;                      
                    contentContainer.style.display = (contentContainer.style.display == 'inline' ) ? 'none' : 'inline';                                         

Can it be improved?