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this line only appears after enabling the translation. Not a problem in the plugin.

I tested and this problem does not happen in the ready translation done by another site, but to correct two small errors and save, this line appears.

Q2A version: 1.7
you might be aware with 2 things : the ^ insert points and it is Utf8 php scripts
Hello! Thanks for your help. I believe the problem is in translation pt-BR.
I installed to test pt-PT translation and made changes and the problem did not happen.
If you are having similar problem, use Notepad (editor).
The problem is not in the translation.

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I believe the problem is in translation pt-BR.

That is not the case. I downloaded the translation and it works. I've setup the same points and user names to make sure it is not a matter of word size and it works. I even added the on site notifications and it works. Here is the screenshot:

At some point, during the file manipulation, you must have broken the translation files, some core files, the themes, a plugin or maybe just a CSS file somewhere.

Thank you for your attention.
The problem only appears after making a modification in the translation.
There is an error in qa-lang-question "Faça um pergunta" should be "Faça uma pergunta". By correcting the error appears.
I thank you again for your incredible attention to help. Fortunately in my case the problem was fixed but if someone has the same problem, I recommend installing the pt-PT translation. It works correctly.
Thanks Pupi and to all developers.
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