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I'm using the code shown below in qa-app-users.php  ( the $qa_logged_in_userid_checked=true; function)

..which makes the site private..  but this means users can't get to the forgot password page when they are not logged in..   

how do i create an exception to the redirect for  www.someQ2Asite.com/forgot   ... ? 

thanks much ! 

if (


    && ($_REQUEST["qa-rewrite"]!="login")

    && ($_REQUEST["qa-rewrite"]!="register")){



Q2A version: 1.6

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Look at https://github.com/JackSiro/Q2A-Closed-Site-Plugin. For me (V1.7) this plugin works for this purpose. In qa-closed-layer.php you can exclude the Ā»forgotĀ«page.