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I know is part of the advance section, but can anyone help me or give me an idea how can I add the Q&A login system to my other directorys. I have already search the function or piece of code but I can't find anything.
Hi Mèlanie - thanx for your quick reply!
Unfortunately (or luckily...) I just get an user-name from external.
Based on this I would like to automatically log in  q2a based on the q2a user-profiles.  If I understood the "q2a single-sign on module" the right way, than this requires, that all user data (profile, picture etc) are provided by the external source - or I'm I wrong?
So what I'm seeking for is: Use Q2A internal profiles -- but instead of manual user login: Take the system information about the user who gets identified by the NTLM info (NT-user logged in at a domain).
What I have e.g. is a php function which returns a user name from external. Where should I go with this information to automatically log in a user who opens q2a?  
--> if the user is known in the q2a database (same name): just login
--> if the user is unknown: open initial profile page to let the user add profile information...

what I'm playing around with is the mechanism used to read out the cookie and replace something in there -- but this feels like a dirty hack - isn't it?  :(

...sorry - difficult to explain with just few words...
I understand what you want to achieve.. I guess it is feasible, but would required some work... As a hint, look at qa-app-users.php, this is the one the either use the external or internal information.
 I think this would worth being a whole new question!
I want to login from my application to The Q&a, could you please help me to do that?

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Interesting question. Here's how you do it in your PHP code:

define('QA_BASE_DIR', '/PATH/TO/Q2A/');
require_once QA_BASE_DIR.'qa-include/qa-base.php';
require_once QA_BASE_DIR.'qa-include/qa-app-users.php';
require_once QA_BASE_DIR.'qa-include/qa-db.php';
echo qa_get_logged_in_userid().' '.qa_get_logged_in_handle().' '.qa_get_logged_in_email().' '.qa_get_logged_in_level();
Replace /PATH/TO/Q2A/ above with the full path to your Q2A directory (the directory that includes qa-config.php). The last line shows the kind of information you can extract about the logged in user. If no user is logged in, all of these functions (defined in qa-app-users.php) return null.
Thank you!!

Works great, and thank you for this great product.
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Thanks again for the code.

The code worked great with 1.4, but stop working with the 1.5 beta and today I upgrade to 1.5 and still doesn't work. Any ideas??


Looks like the "qa_base_db_connect(null);" function was delete from 1.5 what use now?
You don't need to replace qa_base_db_connect(...) with anything and can just leave it out.