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I notice there does not seem to be a url for people to link their avatars to, all you have is the upload option and that gravatar, you would think something as common as having a url to link their avatar to would be included...
Q2A version: 1.7

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Right mouse click on your avatar, copy image location:


The number in the end decides about the image size:


or example of 100:

No that is not what I meant, I mean when go into your profile there is not place to add a link to host your avatar...
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No, there is no option to link avatars externally. The main reason I think is because there is no control over the image size. Someone could link a gigantic image which could slow down the page load instantly for hundreds of pages. Using known sources like Gravatar or your own site is safer.

But it may be possible to change that with a plugin. Let users specify a URL then a layer plugin can display it instead of the regular avatar.