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Email Address Confirmation

all my user get email for email address confirmation but when they copy the url and paste to browser it keep on saying 

Code not correct - please click below to send a new link

this below link I get in my user email

one thing more how do I make click url which i get in my email I just a text link

Q2A version: 1.7
I tried again and again and also added no reply but all I get is Code not correct
my user get the email and when I copy the code and paste it for verification its keep saying "Code not correct"

Any one there please share hoe do fix this
To add more info, I encountered this problem on a brand new install of Q2A 1.7, the site was sending emails correctly but clicking through the link in the sent emails resulted in the error described by Puneet Thakur above. It happened that the very first non-admin test user I created I entered with a typo in the email, so there was no way to confirm the email. I tried using the user's control panel to change their email, but it looks like you can't change an unconfirmed email address. After unsuccessfully attempting to change their email address, I created a new email account that matched the typo email address (it happened to be available), and confirmation links sent to that address repeatedly failed to work. I then logged in as administrator, use the admin control panel to change the user's email address to the correct address (which worked), after which confirmation emails for that user contained valid working links allowing the user to confirm their email successfully.

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