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I think it would be very helpful if you integrated payment system in your Q2A. When customers order one question, they would choose option 2: Free and Premium (questions have often been more concerned with fee). When people answer questions, they get bonuses.

Forms of Payment: Paypal, VISA, Bitcoin, Payza ..as JustAnswers.com

I hope masters help me complete this feature. I am very happy to receive your feedback. Thank you.


Q2A version: 1.7
From few days i thinking same ideas like as your ideas. please give me latest updates

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There's a couple of questions and suggestions about this topic here on question2answer, like this one for example 
If you search for:  paypal  or  payment  you'll find a couple of questions related to this topic.

As long as I know there's no such a plugin yet. Although I've found a payment plugin with Mobbr . I've never heard about Mobbr before neither used or tested the plugin, but you might wanna take a look at it.

Thank you. I've tried Mobbr, but it is not okie. I hope someone knows how to perform it.
What do you mean by 'it is not okie'?
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To create a paypal processer is not difficult, you just need a plugin that provides:

1. a page to initiate the payment via paypal

2. an IPN page that receives the paypal post (success/completed)

3. a database table where you log all payments.

I haven't done the implementation with the question though. But I guess this is feasable.


From the human point of view: Do you think, your visitors will really pay for being able to post a question without knowing the quality of the answer? I doubt a bit.
thank you :->