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Hello !

I'm an administrator of some complex Q2A site like social-blog portal for fanclubs . It's for music, youtube, tv series, games etc. fans , with complex points system and rankings. For my kind of site , Q2A has many great features, which is unavailable with wordpress etc. (or it needs many custom work) . Q2A has two big advantages - fast working and the best points system which I saw ever (to date;) ) .

I'm investing some money to offer my users new features through new, custom made plugins. This plugins are now released, but it's now not released for public (however it can be changed, especially if someone(s) will join me and help with investment):
- favorites/follows plugin - which offer ability for users to follow category, author, tags and post/question from question page and question-lists
- reactions plugin - which offer ability to react people on posts , with add-own reactions feature too. Now this plugin works great for registered users, but I decided to offer same feature for visitors too - this will be released next few days for me - too .

I paid for this 2 plugins now some money (much more than usually premium plugins, because this is exclusive work for me only...) but my users loves new features and I want to make next plugins too... The next plugins, which I want to make are below - we are making 1 plugin for a month now:
- personality quiz and knowledge trivia (something like quizz from q2apro, but with ability to put many questions in one post, working NOT like standalone (however I changed this script and quizz is working on my site like NOT standalone too) , and also with option to made personality quizes with some prepared results to show for users, which "play" this quiz - if You know what I mean .
- create a category for users - I need option for my users to create categories on my site , with moderation of this
- polls - new , great polls plugin, which offer ability to post own answers by users too , not only prepared
- upload files (graphics/images) to answers and comments by users
- ranked lists - my site working like social-blog site, I need to offer my users something like creating ranked lists - they making for example: 10 best songs ever , with some description and people can vote for each "paragraph" - something like advanced polls :)
- bookers plugin - some complex betting with points for something , which people want and imagine :) Ability to set stakes , bets etc. in each post .

I have many ideas and plans to improve my site... but maybe there is someone , who want to collaborate with me (and participate in costs of course) to have access for kind of plugins ? Or maybe someone here have some great idea for new plugins for site like social-blog and want to pay less for this (because I can pay second part for example?) If yes, feel free to write about Your idea, maybe I will interested to offer Your idea for my users too :)

@Scott - Maybe You or something from Your team could help me with payments to build new exciting plugins for Q2A users ?

I will appreciated for any answers :)
Q2A version: 1.7.4 with custom changes
so nobody has ever come out to support you?

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