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I would like to share more code snippets with the community (and am too lazy to upload them to github each time). 

However, the CKEditor here is a pain. When pasting the code it looks like this: 

All indents get removed, the font I needed to assign myself to make it stand out a tiny bit, so much hassle. 

IF you want an active community and continue q2a (it's a fantastic script that just needs more developers to be interested), I strongly advice to give at least the *communication tool* (an editor that can be used to share code) needed. 

Thanks for considering.


Q2A version: 1.7.4

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Definitely q2a should use markdown editor.
In my opinion developers also could work on markdown editor to provide it extra features. All the other QA scripts have their own markdown editor.

I remember you have suggested this several times in past. I hope this time q2a decide to change the editor to markdown.
@fara, markdown editor plugin is already there for Q2A, it is developed by Scott.

but default on q2a is ckeditor.
I know about that. thanks to scott. but the problem is it doesn't have some features. And I think default should be MarkDown Editor.